The Best Of The Internet (2019)

26. 12. 2019
32 047 489 zhlédnutí

Thanks for making 2019 a fun year on the internet.
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  • that intro almost killed me

    Samuel LemusSamuel LemusPřed 10 měsíci
    • Lol

      Nene NoahNene NoahPřed 4 dny
    • 😉

      CLUTCH-Clash RoyaleCLUTCH-Clash RoyalePřed 14 dny
    • /r woosh

      Disgust dDisgust dPřed měsícem
    • Which clip do you mean?

      BlackNoirBlackNoirPřed 3 měsíci
    • Lol

      BreezyCoolBossatronBreezyCoolBossatronPřed 4 měsíci
  • Yes you did put smile❤️❤️

  • God animals are so adorable.

    KreaSHeRKreaSHeRPřed 20 minutami
  • Mother Russia clip was great!

    Dark LordDark LordPřed 39 minutami
  • That frog is me and meat loaf... The one that slamed that big. I do not like meatloaf

    Shelby PettisShelby PettisPřed 40 minutami
  • Him: Hello everyone this YOUR Yearly Dose of Internet Me: Wait, thats illegal

    KarscapeKarscapePřed hodinou
  • talentless youtube aggregator

    Western SonWestern SonPřed hodinou
  • nie dotykaj paskudnymi łapami śliczego jeża, jak można mieć taki szpony brudne i ohydne

    Jacek PogodaJacek PogodaPřed hodinou
  • glad i toughed out your narration as it was an awesome video

    Nissan SkylineNissan SkylinePřed 2 hodinami
  • This elephant cares about the Environment :) 1:25

    The LiamManThe LiamManPřed 2 hodinami
  • 9:10 Yeah right 👽👽

    G GG GPřed 2 hodinami
  • What place is 11:09?

    Isabela OliveiraIsabela OliveiraPřed 3 hodinami

    ALEX PLAYZALEX PLAYZPřed 4 hodinami
  • 𝐈 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝

    JackJackPřed 4 hodinami
  • 4:33 don't show other people when you do a favor for someone... It does not mean that you are a good person...

    BilalOglanNBilalOglanNPřed 4 hodinami
  • how my sister eat's a disgusting food 6:04

    Meme BoiMeme BoiPřed 5 hodinami
  • that is one smart robot

    Carol DoCarol DoPřed 6 hodinami
  • 7:07 "xander cage"

    PDK97PDK97Před 6 hodinami
  • 6:19 hind 6'O clock hind

    PDK97PDK97Před 6 hodinami
  • "I wanna shake his head"

    PDK97PDK97Před 6 hodinami
  • Every day items: beer 🍻 LMFAO

    Mythical _Mythical _Před 6 hodinami
  • 10:19 *sneak increased to 100*

    ohexraohexraPřed 7 hodinami
  • 8:56 lmao the road is even called coronado

    Emily StantonEmily StantonPřed 7 hodinami
  • 0:27 guy had covid19 XD

    Kt MsqKt MsqPřed 8 hodinami
  • 9:58 wow dancing bird

    Janagam KavithaJanagam KavithaPřed 9 hodinami
  • Helicopter:Flies over them Russian man:Laughs

    Aria LandonAria LandonPřed 10 hodinami
  • 8:53. *cha cha real smooth*

    Shanelle LacsonShanelle LacsonPřed 10 hodinami
  • 😁

    Fernando VillegasFernando VillegasPřed 11 hodinami
  • 6:20 it's russia, i don't get the issue

    ӼӼӼᗹ尺UƝƠӼӼӼӼӼӼᗹ尺UƝƠӼӼӼPřed 11 hodinami
  • moments before disaster

    Letho _Letho _Před 11 hodinami
  • 2:37 really got me lol

    GabrielleGabriellePřed 11 hodinami
  • Most of us have shaken hands with a douchebag who thinks the goal is to break the other person's fingers by harshly gripping thier fingertips improperly. Guaranteed that lobster man is one of them. His only power comes from his petty handshakes. Also some old people think they can get away with squeezing really hard in public as opposed to hitting (like if someone grabs your shoulder or turns a handshake into a deathgrip competition). That man needs some anger management.

    Eric RyckmanEric RyckmanPřed 12 hodinami
  • 32 million veiws godamn

    Colton Van nooijenColton Van nooijenPřed 12 hodinami
  • seal just wanted a hug bro

    stupid furrystupid furryPřed 12 hodinami
  • 9:14 ufo? O_O

    Ghost Girl 8Ghost Girl 8Před 12 hodinami
  • The guy with the long thumb must be really good at thumb fights

    SKULL 77SKULL 77Před 12 hodinami
  • The bird was just vibin

    Bub LightBub LightPřed 12 hodinami
  • I winna shrek hes haaned

    Minecraft Gamer209Minecraft Gamer209Před 13 hodinami
  • P' p' p' p' p'laay that shit

    Jaime WorrellJaime WorrellPřed 14 hodinami
  • The man playing vr: ........ The dog : what the fuck

    Xx BleukeyXx BleukeyPřed 14 hodinami
  • Mission Accomplished! You made me smile Many times..... and God knows the World needs a Whole Lotta' Smiles and some laughs too. A Whole Lotta' Love is Desperately needed in particular.

    Constitution_89Constitution_89Před 15 hodinami
  • makenzie

    Michael OlsonMichael OlsonPřed 15 hodinami
  • my dude sounds like mike wazouski on drugs

    The Ace of SpadesThe Ace of SpadesPřed 15 hodinami
  • 5:51 where is the original clip I need to save this

    Babu FrikBabu FrikPřed 16 hodinami
  • What good videos, boring voice tho

    Albert BouchardAlbert BouchardPřed 16 hodinami
  • The elephant is the kindest animal i ever seen

    RiOtBiRd T_TRiOtBiRd T_TPřed 17 hodinami
  • 0:23 Babies be like

  • Lol

    Randy charlsRandy charlsPřed 20 hodinami
  • way too many pets.. why doesnt anyone get it? PETS AND BABIES ARENT FUNNY

    Isaac Levin (2022)Isaac Levin (2022)Před 20 hodinami
  • Me: "I like you" My crush: 0:22

    Kay-DCKay-DCPřed 20 hodinami
  • 10:00 dj on

    Mohammad AzmathMohammad AzmathPřed 21 hodinou
  • 2:23 she be doe vibin tho

    Hana SalehHana SalehPřed 21 hodinou
  • Elephant : Picks Up thrash humans : Contemplating there existence

    Rajveer AjmaniRajveer AjmaniPřed 22 hodinami
  • Squishy hedgehonk is fren ❤️

    Kaya The scribblerKaya The scribblerPřed 22 hodinami
  • I really loved it. Thank you, man !!!

    Somewhere in Time.Somewhere in Time.Před 22 hodinami
  • 10:08 Sneaking level 100 !

    AzhureusAzhureusPřed 22 hodinami
  • 8:55 coronado? Hmmmmmmm.....

    SanstiXSanstiXPřed 22 hodinami
  • Is that elephant really picking it up cause he wanted to or he was trained to do it

    Cristofer LopezCristofer LopezPřed 22 hodinami
  • 11:10 This reminds me of a scene from the movie 'Interstellar'.

    Silent TeαrsSilent TeαrsPřed 23 hodinami
  • 9:51 The bird is just dancing 😆

    Jessica LouisJessica LouisPřed 23 hodinami
  • 4:41 is my mood for life

    Zaid NettlesZaid NettlesPřed 23 hodinami
  • 9:51 im a bird im a fruit im a person what i am?

    hyper cathyper catPřed 23 hodinami
  • thumbnail looks like a nutsack

    Javale McGoatJavale McGoatPřed 23 hodinami
  • The octopus is from our country?!!!!!!

    Mary Lorraine NavalMary Lorraine NavalPřed dnem
  • 4:40 was just earape

    Billy eats legoBilly eats legoPřed dnem
  • That hedgehog looks like a giant testicle

    I AM DEADI AM DEADPřed dnem
  • aw ye always tim hortons

    Tim MertensTim MertensPřed dnem
  • Love Your Vids From Philippines

    BloodMoon09 GamesBloodMoon09 GamesPřed dnem
  • 6:17 only in RUSSIA

  • 6:15 just a normal day in Russia

    Isaac AlfaroIsaac AlfaroPřed dnem
  • like who talk with him hi everyone this... and confused at the and?

    BTS_armyforeverBTS_armyforeverPřed dnem
  • 0:57 name of the animal? 7:58 name of animal?? 8:15 name of animal? 3:00 aren't you guys feel scared when he is running so fast? OPPS! SCARING VIDEO.

    Mahak AhujaMahak AhujaPřed dnem
  • 9:18 man I knew those Norse people were aliens.

    Lamp GuyLamp GuyPřed dnem
  • That doggy locking the ground at the very save the best 4 Last! let it be the doggy!

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • How the heck did that dog carry that?

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • That mouse was scared for its life

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • That palmtree was dancing in the wind!

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • That bicycle rider DID THAT

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • Hey that duck didn't have a smooth landing, how did it do that?

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • What a NICE uber driver! 50 dollar visa card ,WAHOOO0O0O!

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem

    Ray GalvanRay GalvanPřed dnem
  • Very relaxing2020 thank u for this channel.

    Natasha BettsNatasha BettsPřed dnem
  • 9:51 Practicing this move for my next music video.

    Sam DulkySam DulkyPřed dnem
  • 7:57 Tha fvck is that?

    Sam DulkySam DulkyPřed dnem
  • 3:39 oh no is cake

    never gonna give you up never gonna let you downnever gonna give you up never gonna let you downPřed dnem
  • This mouse absolutely belongs to sherlok holmes

    asd asdasd asdPřed dnem
  • 7:57

    ФильмецФильмецPřed dnem
  • 3:13 this is the best

    Julia FrąśJulia FrąśPřed dnem
  • Helicopter was in Ukraine, not Russia, but yeah, who cares

    Олексій АврамчукОлексій АврамчукPřed dnem
  • Corna : *exists* Chinese ppl : I WANNA SHAKE YOUR HAND

    Barney the messiahBarney the messiahPřed dnem
  • Love the videos. Keep up the great work.

    Fritz FritzFritz FritzPřed dnem
  • 9:51 This is the true element of hip hop 😂😂

    Daivik kanyadiDaivik kanyadiPřed dnem
  • 1:42 why cant we be like animals

    RTH IOSRTH IOSPřed dnem
  • Thx I watched it on shrooms.

    Albert BoylesAlbert BoylesPřed dnem
  • lol that bird was twirkin so hard

    lil PIGlil PIGPřed dnem
  • This is russia 😁😊😊

    Aditya MarfaAditya MarfaPřed dnem
  • 9:00 should be E Toronado road... ZING

    Si HargreavesSi HargreavesPřed dnem
  • 00:02

    AbdullahisticAbdullahisticPřed dnem
  • 00:00 Replay button

    AbdullahisticAbdullahisticPřed dnem

    Chris GriffinChris GriffinPřed dnem