Wild Deer Is Extremely Friendly

6. 07. 2020
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  • That sand table was so mesmerizing..

    aerorainaerorainPřed 3 měsíci
    • no u

      Hyper.Hyper.Před 22 hodinami
    • @AxxL Your videos are bad.

      Hunter PondHunter PondPřed dnem
    • Ye I want one

    • She’s got u mesmerized while I die It’s random

      Lazy MellownessLazy MellownessPřed 2 dny
    • gOt 40k likes there.. 😳

      Floofy KittyFloofy KittyPřed 3 dny
  • Other people: *sees dinosuar and runs* US BLACK PEOPLE: *COMPLETELY TUMBLES OVER AND ROLLS OVER DRAMATICALLY AND DROPS FOOD* We all know he is upset about losing his food. 💀

    Never mind just me - TaniaNever mind just me - TaniaPřed 5 minutami
  • canada.

    lizard milklizard milkPřed hodinou
  • Stop talking through your nose ffs.

    Adii SAdii SPřed 3 hodinami
  • I hope that wild deer got adopted by them, probably.

    TripL SoyoCubeTripL SoyoCubePřed 3 hodinami
  • 2:31 is the food okay?!! 😱😭😰

    Sierra MasonSierra MasonPřed 3 hodinami

    NeizoNeizoPřed 4 hodinami
  • DeEr

    Bucket DogBucket DogPřed 4 hodinami
  • If I met this deer I would love to pet it

    Fan GirlFan GirlPřed 5 hodinami
  • when that bug just chillin

    nozmaynozmayPřed 5 hodinami
  • Aww i hope that deer lives a happy life

    Henrik TafjordHenrik TafjordPřed 8 hodinami
  • Man: Drink water bottle really fast Me: that water bottle is a paid actor!

    IBeatYouBTWIBeatYouBTWPřed 10 hodinami
  • gee

    Wesley KimWesley KimPřed 10 hodinami
  • Plot Twist: that car was the deers, he was just trying to get it back.

    GatoGatoPřed 13 hodinami
  • I think the deer was friendly cuz he was waiting for the to get a gun and kill him:3

    Puro The WolfPuro The WolfPřed 13 hodinami
  • 1:58

    LordFroYen- 999LordFroYen- 999Před 14 hodinami
  • My dad is super mean yells at me curses throws stuff this is the only thing that makes me happy in life love you

    Evan DrustEvan DrustPřed 17 hodinami
  • Hunters be like: imma pretend I didn't see that

    Pixel Pop ProductionsPixel Pop ProductionsPřed 18 hodinami
  • Stranger things season 2 in real life 0:55

    DJ Double KDJ Double KPřed 20 hodinami
  • I’ve spent 4 years with my dad trying to hunt a deer and this one come right up to you. I wouldn’t even be able to shoot it how cute he his.

    Marky KrajkyMarky KrajkyPřed 22 hodinami
  • That deers canela

    THE CATCHTHE CATCHPřed 23 hodinami
  • It's not wild if its friendly

    King. DKing. DPřed dnem
  • That deer got turned into human and it cant talk so now its just feels the comfort of not talking and being nice as hell

    Valfar AntonioValfar AntonioPřed dnem
  • I apprecciate this man for not clickbaiting us.

    Rayne Pampuan02Rayne Pampuan02Před dnem
  • There Were Also Some Water Spouts In The Philippines

    KCedricKCedricPřed dnem
  • i have seen more than 6 water spouts when i was a kid, sadly no video to send you...

    BLOODBLOODPřed dnem
  • The deer was like “we eating good today boys”

    Reality’s PathReality’s PathPřed dnem
  • I’ve seen a bigger clam

    Sara AshikagaSara AshikagaPřed dnem
  • The deer was adorable, but really don't approach a wild deer. If something startles it, it can literally kill you. It is definitely cute, but please be careful, no matter how friendly it is

    PapyrusPapyrusPřed dnem
  • tornados get little thirsty sometimes.

    GalaticredwoodGalaticredwoodPřed dnem
  • 0:46 my mom when she is thirsty be like..... Me: O-O Mom: what? Me nothing...

    Oranges OJOranges OJPřed dnem
  • 3:00 I would just want to stick my hand in there for just one second I dunno why

    Co coCo coPřed dnem
  • He said he was done with the water bottle but there was still a bunch of water in it

    Brandon LeachBrandon LeachPřed dnem
  • i need to live there now

    TekuTekuPřed dnem
  • His cheeks big that why he could hold more water

    Jerin BarfieldJerin BarfieldPřed dnem
  • 2:57 Clam:Hol up this human ain’t takin my pearl?he might be different after all...

    x clxudrex xx clxudrex xPřed dnem
  • You dog is wierd

    Hubert CumberdaleHubert CumberdalePřed dnem
  • Bruh if that cat was Mexican you already know shed be like “ay que niña, porque no eres un niña normal?”

    Noob Máster69Noob Máster69Před dnem
  • That dude that was chugging the water is a guy of tik tok and has over 1 million follower

    Justin CoxJustin CoxPřed dnem
  • 0:56 the clouds are just drinking some water jeez like it's not a big deal

    Claire GehrigClaire GehrigPřed dnem
  • His sandwich

    Swag Bros INC.Swag Bros INC.Před dnem
  • How much is that sand table?

    Cool DudeCool DudePřed dnem
  • Ok just saying that deer is a doe and it's a girl because there's no antlers

    Nathaniel HinesNathaniel HinesPřed dnem
  • Adorable😍

    Obaid AlnasriObaid AlnasriPřed dnem
  • Long borgor

    Knox GinobisaKnox GinobisaPřed 2 dny
  • I was sick so this really made my day thank you

    marker 0543marker 0543Před 2 dny
  • 0:53 me before getting on the airplane after the security told me to throw it away

    MishapenMishapenPřed 2 dny
  • When I was little, I went to a zoo, and a deer was so sweet. But when we had to leave I was upset, but happy it got a taste of my smoothie

    CeleryCeleryPřed 2 dny
  • 0:37 How to drink 8 glasses of water each day.

    Raiiinbow XRaiiinbow XPřed 2 dny

    LeafyLeafyPřed 2 dny
  • i think there is something wrong with your dog

    DingoDingoPřed 2 dny
  • Russia

    Ultimate PooPooUltimate PooPooPřed 2 dny
  • Why does the one guy that is running from the “dinosaur” look like Miachel Talamentez (sorry if I absolutely DESTROYED your name idk how to spell it) from dope or nope

    Da Playful pigeonDa Playful pigeonPřed 2 dny
  • 1:34 aww❤️✨

    Winter VWinter VPřed 2 dny
  • deer is just looking for a reliable snack source

    DanteGotaroDanteGotaroPřed 2 dny
  • I’ve been chased by a deer

    Banana With 500k subsBanana With 500k subsPřed 2 dny
  • The deer only wanted them for the fries. What kind of friend is that?

    Pug - StashPug - StashPřed 2 dny
  • I want a deer now

    UhroUhroPřed 2 dny
  • nice

    International funny manInternational funny manPřed 3 dny
  • F O R B I D D E N D O G

    gabes_gaming_w0rldgabes_gaming_w0rldPřed 3 dny
  • Deertube be like wild humans didnt kill us?! EXTREME

    yee yeeyee yeePřed 3 dny
  • The way the frog turn around😂😂

    Hero 1636Hero 1636Před 3 dny
  • 2:23 all until the guy in the wheelchair starts running

    Alan Walker 1048Alan Walker 1048Před 3 dny
  • Me seeing a deer runs* him seeing a deer petting it

    Ricardo MilosRicardo MilosPřed 3 dny
  • Daily dose: have you ever seen a giant clam before:me who's seen about 100 on animal crossing

    olizoneolizonePřed 3 dny
  • F for the guy who dropped his food 2:31

    Skwaezy KaineKHSkwaezy KaineKHPřed 3 dny
  • Was that a socially distanced hot dog?? Lol!!

    DeebDeebPřed 3 dny
  • At the end the hamster is the same type I have

    The ultimate stuff walkerThe ultimate stuff walkerPřed 3 dny
  • 0:47 when Karen’s exaggerate on how hot it is when it’s only 89 degrees

    Joseph ProvinoJoseph ProvinoPřed 3 dny
    • "only 89 degrees" thats like the temperature of literal fire

      DingoDingoPřed 2 dny
  • Deer like: Gimme my French frys

    Wolf KingWolf KingPřed 3 dny
  • That was Canela the savage

    Lord McLoudmouthLord McLoudmouthPřed 3 dny
  • Deer was like : Luckily someone without gun

    SamufrySamufryPřed 3 dny
  • I read the title as - local deer is extremely funny “And then I said, oh deer” *Humans laugh in terror watching a deer talk*

    Nicolas BarrazaNicolas BarrazaPřed 4 dny
  • Jucy meat.

    Hell YeaHell YeaPřed 4 dny
  • that's not a deer, it's a dear

    friedchickenfriedchickenPřed 4 dny
  • Man, I low-key feel bad for the guy at 2:23, he dropped his food 😿

    Chocolate CookieChocolate CookiePřed 4 dny
  • Southern Thailand. Everyone there was white.

    Janine LewisJanine LewisPřed 4 dny
  • For the dinosaur I'd be the one person to shoot it in the head with a pistol

    SylvesterSylvesterPřed 4 dny
  • Have you ever seen a giant clam? Of course, Super Mario Bros.

    MalachiKaiMalachiKaiPřed 4 dny
  • 1:21 long glizzy

    Fortnie BoiFortnie BoiPřed 4 dny
  • 3:03 surely I’m not the only one thinking it ... 😳😳😳

    KozmixxfKozmixxfPřed 4 dny
  • 0:37 damn this guy already has edemas around his eyes... unhealthy hobby

    Ryan KaneRyan KanePřed 4 dny
  • I woulda laugh my ass off if that wheelchair guy got up and ran

    Darrell ZazuetaDarrell ZazuetaPřed 4 dny
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      •꧁Luna's Waffle꧂••꧁Luna's Waffle꧂•Před 4 dny
  • 2:55 have you ever seen a giant clam before :Pixel tanda yes in sponge bob I have

    Pixel TandaPixel TandaPřed 4 dny
  • 0:56 History class about 2020

    Sound ChangeSound ChangePřed 4 dny
  • I don't believe the dinosaur one.

    Mattiu Luis LamannMattiu Luis LamannPřed 4 dny
  • I want a name for my CSworld channel plzzz help me (for gaming) .

    Hammer mafia gamingHammer mafia gamingPřed 4 dny

    Angilla CorletteAngilla CorlettePřed 4 dny
  • What’s the sand table called

    the donthe donPřed 5 dny
  • The most unclickbaity channel

    FlegSlav //TestPatternerFlegSlav //TestPatternerPřed 5 dny
  • I was hoping with every cell of my body that the handicapped would ditch his chair and run away

    イヤドイヤドPřed 5 dny
  • That poor guy with the wheelchair and the guy who had a burger!

    Hanani NanibahaHanani NanibahaPřed 5 dny
  • 2:24 my guys reaction be faster then when I realise wifi went

    Samson KinyanjuiSamson KinyanjuiPřed 5 dny
  • 0:51 her: i dont usually this also her:

    Eric PerezEric PerezPřed 5 dny
  • hahahaha i saw my dad in the thiland thing

    Noah BergvallNoah BergvallPřed 5 dny
  • Is it me or does this guy Kinda sound like the soft version of leafyishere?...

    Arturo LopezArturo LopezPřed 5 dny
  • If you drink water too fast you will have a disorder and most likely die

    Rayniah OliverRayniah OliverPřed 5 dny
  • 0:15 that girl looks like Gina lignetti

    King Wafer The secondKing Wafer The secondPřed 5 dny
  • The first time Karen didn’t ask for the manager because of the deer

    Sim lilaSim lilaPřed 5 dny
  • The second guy "Im feeling dehydrated..":

    chillberry icecreamchillberry icecreamPřed 5 dny